We’ll be Draining the Swamp in 2018, One Candidate At A Time.

I’ve been thinking about spotlighting some interesting candidates running against “Swamp Monsters”.

I closed Liberty Candidates in 2014 because people had grown apathetic and it was probably because most of the Liberty Candidates were running Libertarian and no one ever won. We never got a Senator or Congressman elected that ran in the Libertarian Party and people didn’t want to donate to those doing a dress-rehearsal for office.

But things have changed and his name is Donald J. Trump… Against all odds he woke up a nation on the brink of globalism and they were able to push back a government that was ready to charge them money for breathing or expelling gas.

AND against all odds, candidates running as “Deplorables” all over the country started winning Primaries and Senate and Congressional and State Seats! The clouds started to part and the sun started to peek through….

Then Austin Petersen said he was running as a Republican. Augustus Invictus switched parties. Omar Navarro stepped up to run against Maxine Waters….. and Shiva Ayyadurai, a Liberty loving Republican and the inventor of email, stated he was a “real Indian” running against “fake Indian” Elizabeth Warren.

So what is happening here?

Ordinary citizens who believe they can do what was, until recently, unobtainable are running for office and they’re actually running against the Liberal Elite. They’re running to win because we’ve seen this happen since Trump was elected. People like Karen Handle who won against all odds and big money Liberals in Georgia. There were also wins in Kansas with Rob Estes, Montana with Greg Gianforte, and South Carolina with Ralph Norman.

The sun is not just peeking through it’s beginning to shine!

These new Republicans are aware of the deep state, fake media, John McCain and human trafficking. They’re aware of socialist trying to take over the government, Obama and his shadow government and the cost of war. They’re aware that socialized medicine is not the way and that we can’t keep spending!

It’s not perfect. No, it’s not the Ron Paul Revolution… but it’s a good start and it’s happening now.

We see what’s happening in the House and we know legislators like Rand Paul and Thomas Massie and Mike Lee need help. They’re not perfect either but they are certainly going to hold our President’s feet to the fire. We need more of that and less drowning our President in fake news and made up narratives because the left has not gotten their way and it’s looking like a never-ending battle for them and they’re losing elections!

What of the Libertarian Party?

The party that blows its wad every 4 years on some Presidential Candidate with no chance of winning –even compromises itself by choosing a candidate who goes against Libertarian Principles for 5% of the vote? Then never take the time or use their resources to help candidates who are running for the House or State Seats!

There is no place for people to run in this party of dress-rehearsal if we want to take our country back or make it great again.

So we’re looking for Winners.

We’re looking for people running on a platform of limited government who actually WANT TO WIN!

Looks like some interesting races are already in the works. We’re going to be putting some in the spotlight because we don’t want to drain the swamp with more Swamp Monsters! We’d like to see some new contenders step up and make waves.

Deplorables and Liberty Minded Individuals running as Republicans against those who NEED TO GO.

Stay tuned…

Let me know if you’re a Deplorable or you know of a candidate who is looking to Drain the Swamp. Lets work together and help get the job done.

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Reprinted with permission.